Troubletown’s incisive commentary and offbeat humor is enjoyed by millions of readers in metropolitan weeklies nationwide. Troubletown is available for syndication as a weekly feature or on a periodic basis, depending on your needs.
Interested? Read on for more information, or e-mail us! If we made it any easier, you couldn't call it Troubletown!
What does Troubletown cost?
Our syndication fees are on a sliding scale based on your circulation and your budget. Please call to discuss it.
How would we get the cartoons?
As a new feature, our weekly installments are made available as a downloadable file from a special page on our website. Your art department can download it at their convenience and the image will always be reproduction quality. If you’re not sure about the technology we’ll walk you through it, or we can mail it to you as a hard copy if you’d prefer.
Will we be able to carry Troubletown exclusively in our city?
Yes. As a courtesy to our clients, we will only syndicate to one newspaper serving a geographical market. Don’t let the inferior cross-town paper beat you to it!
How do we start?
Call us today to talk about our fees and when you would like to begin. We’ll send you a letter confirming the agreement and and start as soon as you’re ready. Call: Lloyd Dangle (510) 985-0391, or email us.

We’re Proud to Appear in the following
Newspapers, Magazines, and Websites:

Austin Chronicle, Austin TX
Bay Guardian, San Francisco
Comic Press News, Sacramento, CA
Every Other Weekly, Bellingham, WA
FAIR Extra!, National
Funny Times, National
Jackson Free Press, Jackson, MS
Miami New Times
OC Weekly, Costa Mesa, CA
Portland Mercury, Portland, OR
Progressive Magazine, National
Seven Days, Burlington, VT
San Diego Reader, San Diego
Silicon Valley Metro, San Jose, CA
Telluride Watch, Telluride, CO
The Inlander, Spokane, WA
The Stranger, Seattle
Weekly Alibi, Albuquerque

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